Monday, April 19, 2010

End of your rope

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.
~Franklin D. Roosevelt

So my question to myself is how long is my rope?  I guess every problem or challenge in life has a rope and for each one that rope is different in length.

Support is a keyword for me- knowing someone cares and is behind you. So many people go through problems not knowing you have people to lean on when you need them.  Now how they hold you up may vary from one person to the next.  Some people with let you whine and cry and go on and on over and again, then some people will say nothing of the matter but will check in a lot in bringing up other subjects, some people will drop and email or even try to relate with you.  I am very lucky- my mother is the best (not to brag LOL) but she is always there for me no matter what or when.  She has supported me in many ways through out my life and sometimes not even knowing it!  Sometimes the only person who will make you feel better is "mommy"- not your husband or best friend.  There was this one time in college at about 1 am when I got something in my eye. Now my husband (boyfriend at the time) tried to help me but it wasn't working. I was a lot of pain. So I finally broke down and called my mother. She talked me down and told me to head to the ER and even offered to drive an hour to my school and meet me there.  In the end I told her not to and my boyfriend took me (and yes he is my husband now).  If your curious it was a tiny tiny peice of foil from a "Hershey Kiss" that got stuck in my eye. Now many people would think how was your mother going to help from an hour away?  Well its the support that makes you feel better!

I want to thank those of you I told of this blog that stopped by to read.  Some of you emailed me while others left a comment- thank you for the support it means the world!! That support gives me more will and strength to HANG ON to my rope longer!

Thank you Mom with all my heart and soul!

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