Sunday, January 9, 2011

Getting ready for a new life part 1

So now that I officially announce our exciting news that we are having twins, it is time to start getting ready and nesting!  We have already started to clean house in a sense and filled the 4Runner once with stuff for Goodwill.  The Husband is working on baby proofing the stereo system through out the house (he has visions of the babies crawling over and knocking over speakers on to themselves).

A lot of things cant get done until we find out the sexes in a few weeks- I am hoping for a boy and a girl.  However, we have already picked out our cribs.  We are getting the Leksvik from Ikea for a few reasons.
One reason for this set is because we already have a dresser/changing table that matched we got a few year ago in the clearance tent for around $25.  I also like this crib because it is more compact than most convertible cribs.  The bed base can be placed at two different heights and then converts into a toddler bed.  Even thought it is more compact it fits a standard size mattress.  The set also has a matching child's table and Charis, toy box, wall shelf and wardrobe.

Another item that we have been looking into is a stroller.  From our research we know we don't want a side by side one mainly because of 2 reasons- you can't fit 2 infant cars seats on most and the side by side ones have a hard time fitting into doorways and so forth.  I have found one I like but haven't seem it in person yet, which is the Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem II Stroller, Tangerine.  We still need to keep looking and go play with them before we finalize which one we want.

What is so nice about this stroller from what we have read is this:

  • Seats easily reverse to create 6 different stroller options: children can both face parent, face each other, face forward, back to back, with front seat only and the back for extra storage, or with an infant car seat.
  • Infant car seat attachment fits most car seat brands on the market. Additional car seat attachment is sold separately to accommodate twins!
  • Both seats recline for infant's comfort
  • Easy-reach child swivel cup holders
  • Removable iPod® Dok with speaker plays baby’s music anywhere
  • Steering with two 8" front single swivel & rear never- flat wheels
  • Easy-trigger fold and convenient Free-Stand™ allow the stroller to stand upright!
  • New easy-reach tray is closer to the parent and more accessible, with an open-air compartment and deeper, ventilated cup holders
  • Other children can walk & use the hold-on handles
  • Infant head rest protects newborn's head
  • Adjustable canopy can be raised or lowered to the height of your baby
  • Large storage basket
  • Height adjustable 5-point harness for safety and padded sleeves for comfort


  1. SO excited for you! YAY! Love the stroller!

  2. We love our Ikea crib! Got it for Eli before he was born, and have used it for Owen and Livi, too. It converts to a toddler bed, too.

  3. So happy for you Jess. Twins are such a blessing. I have twin granddaughters who are five now. Your husband is right - put up the stereo. By the time they're toddling around there is NOTHING they won't touch within their reach. When Mia and Grace were born, we felt so sorry for all those people that had just one baby! :)

    We are very happy for you and wish you and your new family many blessings.


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