Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chef Anne Burrell is coming to Baltimore plus enter to win her new cookbook

Come meet Anne Burrell, chef and author of "Cook Like A Rock Star: 125 Recipes, Lessons and Culinary Secrets” at Wegman’s in Hunt Valley on Friday, October 7 from 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM (Reserve your place in line by getting a ticket to attend at any That's The Ticket located at the Service Desk. Space is limited.)

Anne Burrell believes that food is essential to happiness. She makes this outlook abundantly clear on her Food Network show, Secrets of a Restaurant Chef (in its seventh season) and as co-host of the primetime hit Worst Cooks in America (in its second season). While Anne is a professional by training and pedigree, the food she makes isn’t elitist; it’s spirited and infused with the bold flavors and passion that are her signature—or, as she likes to say, food that includes the “sparkle factor.” In Cook Like a Rock Star, her debut cookbook, Anne will give home cooks the confidence and support they need to be rock stars in their own kitchens and to create food inspired by Anne’s life in professional kitchens. Best of all, these 125 restaurant-quality recipes are designed for home cooks, from beginners to experts. Each recipe is broken down into key parts to make the process of learning and doing as simple as possible—the way Anne herself does it—and will include easy-to-find ingredients and tips on skills and prepping techniques.

Cook Like a Rock Star features the same forthright approach and constant reassurance that Anne is known for on her shows and will be a complete package with Anne’s spunky personality, handwritten notes, and vibrant photographs to inspire and entice you. Whether she's telling us how to use garlic most effectively (“perfume the oil, remove the garlic, and ditch it—it’s fulfilled its garlic destiny!”) or reaffirming the most important part of cooking (“at the end of the day the food should taste good!”), the reader will never feel alone at the stove. In Cook Like a Rock Star, Anne’s effervescent personality and unmatched vitality will be there every step of the way—as teacher, coach, cooking partner, and friend.

“Anne Burrell has rocked in some of New York’s best Italian kitchens, she’s rocked the Food Network, and now she’s gonna help you rock your kitchen with this book.”
“Anne Burrell is the real deal. TV or no TV, famous or not, you put her in front of a stove and she will cook your ass under the table.”
I got an advanced copy and have already been drooling over the recipes- some recipes that have caught my eye include:
  • Zucchini & Parm Fritters with Spicy Tomato Sauce
  • Pumpkin Soup with Allspice Whipped Cream & Fried Leeks
  • Killer Mac & Cheese with Bacon
  • Rack of Lamb Crusted with Black Olives
  • Braised Baby Artichokes
  • Apple & Olive Oil Cake with Sautéed Apples & Mascarpone
This book is going to become a new staple in my cooking!!!!!!

The Lemmo Twins are 4 Months

Some great delas for everyone in the family

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