Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22 Lemmo Twins Update

The names....

Jacob Graham Lemmo
5 lbs 2.6 oz
17 in
born 6:30 am
May 21, 2011

Caleb Reese Lemmo
4 lbs 2.6 oz
17 in
born 6:31 am
May 21, 2011

Both boys are now eating from a bottle.  Caleb is still in the incubator because he cant hold his temp and breathing on the fast side a little bit.  Jacob is in a crib and can hold his temp just fine.

We went up 3 times to NICU today.  We have been able to feed Jacob, help with some of his vitals and change his diapers.

In order to go home they have to be off IVs, hold body temp, gain weight, etc plus pass infant car seat test.  We were told they could leave in about 1-2 weeks depending on development and growth.  So right now we don't think anyone will be leaving when I am discharged on Wednesday - the only who has a lil chance is Jacob.

Jacob has light brown hair as of now and Caleb has strawberry blonde hair.

As for me I am recovering slowly but well.  No more tubes, IVs, etc.  In pain and my body is stiff.

Thank you for the well wishes and all the love!

Follow the album below to see photos as we add them

Lemmo Twins

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