Monday, June 21, 2010

I feel like I want to...

There are so many ways I could end that sentence- but honestly where is that punching bag?  I need a vacation or something- stress release please!

Ok Ok really what am I stressed over? Nothing really. Started summer job today and it wont be bad or stressful so that’s good.  I am blaming the hormones and all things natural!

I should be happy today that I was featured in the B Free Daily today in an article about food bloggers. If you are in the Baltimore area stop by one of the B orange bins and pick up the free paper or you can read it  online here.

This past weekend we headed down to the National Zoo in DC with another couple- it was HOT but we didn't melt away.  After the zoo we had a nice late lunch.  Andy got some great photos so make sure to  check them out!

This weekend I am excited because it’s the annual picnic with a bunch of my college friends up in the Lancaster area- the kids are getting so big! (Yet we tend to be the only ones there without kiddos go figure).

We booked one of our hotels called Fairmont le Chateau Frontenac for our trip up into Canada in August- I can't wait to be treated like a Queen in this castle! One the way up we are stopping at my parents place in NY and Edgar man is staying with them for the week while we head up into Canada.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Busy Busy Bumble Bee

Well the last 2 weeks have been a bit crazy for me…

Had to have surgery on my mouth, my birthday came along and then back to the “baby doctor”.
Surgery went well and recovery was quick.  I went back to the dentist for a cleaning today and they found a stitch that they missed taking out last week so they had to poke around in there after my cleaning to get it out (hurt a little bit).

My birthday was nice- that Friday 12 of us went out to dinner at a new place in Baltimore called Miguel's Cocina y Cantina for margaritas and Mexican.

Monday I headed back to the doctor for another check up since the last visit.  This last month he had me track my BBT (Basal Body Temp).  He said it looked “textbook” which he explained was a good thing and that it looked like I ovulated.  He did another uterus ultrasound and said all looked good.  He proceeded to prescribe the 100 mg of Clomid again and sent me to get my progesterone levels checked again (yeah more blood work).  He then told me that if I don’t get my period within the next 5 days to take a pregnancy test- well it came so that’s a big negative that it happened last month!  So I think we are going to give it try another month and talk about the next steps and IVF.

An exciting note- the last day of school was yesterday and I have 2 days off before I start my summer job.  Today I took myself to get a massage.

Besides work and all these Doctors I have been busy with my food writing.  Last weekend I was invited to be part of a blogger panel at the Great Grapes festival.  I have also been a expert judge a few times a month at the Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament (Baltimore’s own version of Iron Chef America). You have to check out the videos and pictures from the tournament
Left to right Wendi, Wendy, Me, Liz and Dara

Check out what the other bloggers had to say...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Attack of the night guard

So I got my night gurad today.  Honestly I am not looking forward to wearing this thing at night.

On a positive side is isnt that big and take up my entire mouth like I had visioned (I was picturing one of those mough gaurd you put in hot water and mold for sports).

When I put it on my upper teeth it reminds me of my younger days when I wouldn't wear my retainers for a few weeks and then would put it in and it would be tight and put a lot of pressure on my teeth.

Now the dentist (did I mention she is preggo!) asures me it will give a little bit and if it give me problems I can call and have them readjust it some by filing it down in places.  She told me it can't be loose so that it fails off my teeth at night.  But honestly I struggle to get the thing off!

So I am going to try it tonight and see how it goes- not sure how I feel about this :/

Now this isn't mine but I have the same case and it looks very simaliar to mine

Oh Yeah- Happy Birthday Uncle Mike and Marney!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Recovery and growing up

Well surgery went well.  The meds they gave me are doing wonders- no TMJ pain either!  I still can't open my mouth all the way.  As of right now it is up in the air if I am going to work on Monday.  I can handle the day as long as I don't have to raise my voice and what not.

As for school 8 days left as of Friday- YIPPIE!.  Yes I will be working over the summer but that is always fun.

Also in 5 days (June 10)- yes 5 days I turn 32.  I can't believe I will be 32- time flies by! It's crazy to think back to time long ago....

My 1st Christmas

The early years of elementary school (I am on the left)

A few more years into Elem. School (I am in the purple fox shirt)

Class of '96 (I am 2nd starting from left)

Sometime in college (I am in the purple dress)

Sometime in college (Yup thats my Hubby)

My wedding day July 12, 2003

and Present day


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