Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Attack of the night guard

So I got my night gurad today.  Honestly I am not looking forward to wearing this thing at night.

On a positive side is isnt that big and take up my entire mouth like I had visioned (I was picturing one of those mough gaurd you put in hot water and mold for sports).

When I put it on my upper teeth it reminds me of my younger days when I wouldn't wear my retainers for a few weeks and then would put it in and it would be tight and put a lot of pressure on my teeth.

Now the dentist (did I mention she is preggo!) asures me it will give a little bit and if it give me problems I can call and have them readjust it some by filing it down in places.  She told me it can't be loose so that it fails off my teeth at night.  But honestly I struggle to get the thing off!

So I am going to try it tonight and see how it goes- not sure how I feel about this :/

Now this isn't mine but I have the same case and it looks very simaliar to mine

Oh Yeah- Happy Birthday Uncle Mike and Marney!

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