Social Media Solutions

Social Media solutions:
Do you want to build an online presence?  Are you a local business, store, restaurant or food industry member looking to build a bigger patron base using social media and don't know how to go about doing it?  Or would like someone to run your twitter account or fan page? Do you want to network using social media?
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According to National Restaurant Association (Restaurant social media experts for hire): 
"The biggest trends to emerge from the National Restaurant Association’s 2011 industry forecast revolve around social media. And, a majority of social media savvy consumers dine out more frequently than the general public and consider restaurants to be an essential part of their lifestyle."
Linda Duke, owner of Duke Marketing LLC, believes the extra hire (or more) is worth the investment.  “Several restaurant chains are hiring someone to manage their Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as create and post videos and create conversations with guests, post news on community food blogs and generate interest using social media,” she said. “In my opinion, hiring a person to manage a brand’s social media communications is wise, as long as it’s integrated with the overall marketing plan.”


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