About Me

I am the type of person who loves to live life in this way and experience the world around me. I have had the pleasure to experience many new and exciting things all over the world in doing so. I grew up in a small town in PA and then made a big jump when I moved to Baltimore to teach. I started in the classroom, got my Masters degree, and am now a Library Media Specialist.
Sometimes its hard to accept that life doesn't always turn out the way it's planned... 

I have accomplished a lot in my life to be proud of- conquered a learning disability, earn my masters with high marks, member of Zeta Tau Alpha (international women's fraternity) and Kappa Delta Pi (international honor society in the field of education), author two popular blogs (Baltimore Restaurant Examiner and Adventures in Baltimore Restaurants), married a great man and gained a wonderful family, traveled to numerous places around the world and much more- but what about those things we dream of and planned to happen in life and aren’t turning out the way I expected them to?

We all have dreams as we grow up and even as adults but how do you overcome things when they go wrong or when you are too afraid to try or face a fear? Who do you turn to for understanding and support? So Tales of One Woman's Dream began as an outlet for this roller coaster ride we call life.


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