Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Merry Christmas to All!

Hoping that this finds you well on this Christmas Day- We are enjoying our time in the Southwest but just want to say...

We have some special news to say,
The kind of news that just can't wait

The special kind that makes you smile
The kind that is definitely worth the while

There's two bundles that you'll get to meet,
Two bundles of joy who will be just as sweet

We have some special news to say,
There are TWO babies on it's way!

Yes you read right- WE ARE HAVING TWINS!  The official due date is July 2nd but we are told that may arrive in June.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

I love mini golf but glow golf make is it even BETTER

Lunar Mini Golf

Today's Save:$8 for two admissions to Lunar Mini Golf - indoor, black-light family fun at three locations ($16 value)

Expires 11:59 PM - Dec 22, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Great deal for Redbox movies

Here is a GREAT deal for $1 for 3 movie rentals at Redbox. This is valid only at U.S. kiosks, and only on the first night rental. It is not valid on video games or Blu-ray.

Click here to get this GREAT deal for just $1

Saturday, December 4, 2010

WOW its December already?

OK things have been soooo crazy busy and my blog has suffered- I can't believe Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is just around the corner. So busy I have YET to see the new Harry Potter which is soooo unlike me because I normally see it opening weekend! We plan on going today!

We have been back to PA a few times- we head back to my hometown of Muncy to visit my parents (and celebrate my Mom's birthday)- big eye opener... my parents are putting the house on the market and may move away from the area- I wont have a home to go home to in the town I grew up in maybe. We spent Thanksgiving in Clearfield, PA with my in-laws. My nephew is getting sooo big- I can't believe he will be 1 on Dec 31.

So right now on Facebook everyone is changing their profile picture to a cartoon- Change your default facebook picture to a cartoon from your childhood. The goal? To not see a human face on facebook until Monday the 6th of Dec. Join the fight against child abuse and invite your friends to do the same.

Can you name my cartoon?

I had a stuffed Butterbear - Butterbear is mostly bear in appearance. She has yellow fur with a white tummy, larger wings than the other Wuzzles, and short antennae with flowers on their ends. She is a keen gardener who is gentle and patient despite the crazy adventures of her friends.


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