Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy 4th Blogoversary to me giveaway

Well 4 years today I started Adventures in Baltimore Restaurants with my first post about Taneytown Deli & Sandwich Shoppe!

Over the last four years things have moved in a direction I would have never though of- and I most have that to thank because of you my readers!!

How it all started...
A few years back while I was attending College of Notre Dame in MD I was required for my one class to start a blog about anything I wanted.  Well since I grew up in a town that only has 2 red lights called Muncy, PA (not counting what is at the Lycoming Mall- which did have a Friendly's) there wasn't many restaurants around to eat at except some fast food joints, bars and "mom & pop" joints.  If you want more selection you had to jump on I-180 and drive about 20 minutes to Williamsport, PA (home of the little league world series).  It was the "big" city for us- nothing compared to Baltimore by any means.  Here you would find some chains like Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and other local places.  So I figure now that I live in the real "big" city I didn't want to eat at chain places all the time and wanted to explore the world of restaurants here in Baltimore. So I started blogging about where we went as a record for myself. Then before I knew I gained followers and they kept on coming. Then I got picked up by and then some other sites asked me to be a featured writer and then finally came along  Plus a few other places after that wanted to feed my articles.  So that is how it all started.  And now you can find my articles on many sites (click here to see a list)

I am very thankful that this sort of fell in my lap because I have had some great experiences from it and met some great people (could name them all put that would take a while).  It has also brought some great experiences for my husband because he does photography and has taken taken some YUMMY food shots!

The most rewarding thing about blogging is... 

There are many things I find rewarding about blogging but one of the most rewarding parts of my blogging is giving back. Over the years I have had the opportunity to participate in different was to earn money for charity with my blogging. This past year I participated in the ShopRite Partners In Caring Bloggers In Caring program and participated in Blog It Forward To Fight Hunger. I was able to get 3,000 boxes of cereal donated to local food banks in ShopRite’s and Baltimore trading area! In support of this there is a special-edition Honey Nut Cheerios box featuring the photo mosaic of myself and fellow Bloggers In Caring. Since may I have been a celebrity judge for the Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament that is helping raise money for Moveable Feast which is a local non-profit Baltimore charity that provides meal delivery service to homebound People Living with AIDS/HIV, women undergoing breast cancer treatment as well as their families. (The tournament is winding down but you can still get tickets)

The Giveaway...
I love celebrating and tend to give even when its my celebration- so in honor of my 4th Blogoversary of Adventures in Baltimore Restaurants I am going to give 1 lucky reader a 3 Month Dinner of the Month Club from  How do you enter- that's easy!  Just leave a comment on this post saying why you follow me, your favorite post of mine or which restaurant I have reviewed do you want to try?  Make sure you included a valid email address so that I can contact that 1 random lucky winner! (You have till Sunday, August 29th at 6:00 pm to enter) Your comment  must be on Adventures in Baltimore Restaurants or Baltimore Restaurant Examiner

For more info about my food blogging: you can email me at, find me on Facebook or follow me on twitter @BmoreRestaurant- check out my review map, my review list and my events calendar for local restaurant events

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Went shopping again

So before we went on vacation I went shopping again- I have a thing for handmade jewelry right now.  This time I hit up the Etsy store of two people that I know and this is what I got...

My first stop was some Recycled & Upcycled handcrafted jewelry by B.B. Bellezza- I found a great pair of Upcycled Sunburst Washer Earrings with Lilac Beads.  I have already worn them once to a family function and have gotten tons of compliments on them.

Photo by: B.B. Bellezza

My next stop was to a fellow Baltimore Foodie and found a pair of Green Glass and Wood Earrings by theminx. I can't to wear these funky and elegant earrings

Photo by: theminx
I suggest that you stop both Etsy stores and take a gander- I am sure you will find something you just gotta have!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The ups and downs

So I had my Dr appointment on Friday morning and found up some ups and downs- where to start?

Well I woke up Friday and took a preggo test- NEGATIVE

Well first off my Dr had a procedure to do so I had to see another Dr- she was pretty cool and nice but I felt nervous because I wanted to be able to talk to my Dr about what was going on and where we were going.

The first down- she found a cyst on my right side.  As of right now there are unsure what type of cyst it is but are hoping it goes away with this month's period. The two female Docs in the room told me not to worry about it yet (not sure why there were two but not a biggy) and the would give the picture of it to my Dr and have him call me. I also asked her opinion as to options and she said if I was her patient we would move into IUI since I have been on Clomid since December.

The second down- life hit me hard!  I barely made it to the elavator before tears started to form and I had to fight them back.  The elevator couldn't move fast enough and I REFUSED to cry there in the building.  I made it to my car but just barely!  I have been doing very well trying to be positive and not let all these "hiccups" get me down that have been going on since I went off the pill in December 2008 (yes its been almost 2 years). But it finally just overcame me and I need a good cry and a day to feel depressed!  My poor husband- I called him but got no answer and being as upset as I was I texted this: Everything just got worse!  Of course he called me back and could barely understand me between the twears and sobbing.  But being worried about me he talked me down to a level where he could understand me and I filled him in on all my unanswered fears and questions.

So once I calmed down I  treated myself to a massage and got some sound advice from a friend who knows what it like and can relate!  Plus the Hubby called every so often to check on my and suggested I go home crawl in bed and rent a movie!

The anticipation of my Dr calling me was nail biting!  We headed out to dinner and of course my phone started to ring and a number I didn't know showed up on my phone. Normally I would hit ignore and would have my cell on silence but I kept thinking what if it was him. So the Hubby said answer it and it was my Dr (at 6:30 on a Friday night none the less). So there I was running through the restaurant and heading out side to find a place we could talk.

The ups and downs...
Well we talked about the cyst and determined to stop the Clomid.  He then went over my HSG some and explained to me that my right side flowed but not right away and is "skinny" so egss may not be making in through- he said this may have been cause by an infection at one point or other things.  He then stated I think we should move into IVF and how I feel about that- of course I said yes!  He told me to call Monday (today) and make an appointment to come in and talk to we could go over the details and so forth.  Now from what i understand and have researched there will be a lot entailed with IVF (giving myself shots maybe?!?!) and we may not actually be able to do it this month due to timing and may have to wait till the follwoing month (even tho my period just started this weekend).

How do I feel now? Better- not depressed like I was on Friday and Saturday and ready to move on- I just hope I can get an appt to see the Dr this week (even tho school starts back up and I may have to take time right away)

I will let ya know...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The pictures are up

The Hubby has gotten pictures up from our trip to Montreal and Quebec City.  Stop by and check them out at Lemmo Photography

I am going to be working on the food pictures and will let you know they are up

Monday, August 16, 2010

And we are back...

Last week Andy and I went on our yearly August vacation.  This year we headed up to my parents place at the 1,000 Islands and enjoyed some time on the boat.  From there we then drove into Canada to Montreal and Quebec City.  We had a wonderful time and saw some great site and ate some YUMMY food.  Andy is currently working on the photos and pictures will be up sometime this week (I will let you know when they are).

So while on our trip I got to try out my Nook for the first time and I LOVE it!!!  No more carting around a pile of books on vacation!!! I finished up Nora Roberts Key Trilogy and started on For a Few Demons More (The Hollows, Book 5). Summer is my "candy reading" where I read books that aren't deep and are for pure selfish pleasure.

So this is my last week of freedom- back to work next week and then the 2010/2011 school year begins!  So this week I am going to get as much me time in as I can- I plan to hit up the spa, take in a movie and grab some lunch with some friends and what ever else falls on my plate.

Friday is also my next trip to the Doctor and I get to go over the results of the HSG and figure out what is next.  I have my mind set that if things didn't happen this month its time to head to the next step (since I have been on Clomid since December).

More and more people I know keep telling me there big news of the forth coming little one and all the baby shower invites I keep getting. I am sooo excited for them but honestly I am starting to wonder if my time will EVER come- I keep telling myself to be positive and that the sun will come out tomorrow- but I am starting to doubt it!  I am seriously trying not to think about and keep my spirits high.

Oh yeah and todays is the LAST day to enter to win FREE 5x7 flat stationery cards

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shutterfly Experience Giveaway: your chance to win 12 FREE 5x7 flat stationery cards

Have you ever heard of the site called Shutterfly? I love this site! It’s a great site for sharing photos and getting your photos on cards, calendar, books, etc. My sister-in-law uses this site all the time to share photos of my 7 month out nephew.

The picture storage is free and unlimited and they never delete photos plus they securely store your images at full resolution. It’s also a great site to enjoy free personalized websites. Plus when you sign up for a FREE account you get receive 50 free 4x6 prints.

I used this site to make a cute 8 x 8 Photo Book of my wedding. I was even able to pick out a book that matched the color theme of my wedding. You get to choose between professionally bound hard cover photo books and soft cover photo books printed on the highest-quality paper from $12.99. I also order a few Collage Posters to use in my photo screen that holds 8 x 10 pictures from $3.99. I excited that also now offer Scrapbook Pages!

Now something I always use for my Holiday Cards and Christmas Photo Cards, plus  Thank You Cards in the Cards & Stationery- there are so many designs to choose from. These cards are also perfect for Party Invitations, Baby Announcements and Birthday Party Invitations.  I love the variety of designs for each category. I love the Holiday Penguins Holiday Card.

Have something coming up you could use some 12 FREE 5x7 flat stationery cards? Then here is your chance...

To enter for a chance to win 1 of 3 codes for 12 FREE 5x7 flat stationery cards all you have to do is use the form below to enter and then leave a comment stating which design of the stationery cards is your favorites on the blog comment form. Make sure to read all the rules on the entry form.

*I received these free product samples to give away for reviewing or commenting on Shutterfly products

Monday, August 2, 2010

Just because I write about food doesn't mean I cook (or does it)

So honestly just because I write about food doesn't mean I cook, however, that doesn't mean I can't cook.  I just hate to personally do all the work and prep for something that is gone in the matter of minutes.  Yes I love to savor my food and experience it!  I know it doesn't make sense but hey does much ever make much sense?  I love to follow food bloggers, not just restaurant related but those who cook.  I always tell my friends here in Baltimore who blog about food "If you cook for me, I will write about it"- maybe I will find the next Top Chef!!!

So I have numerous food related blogs that I follow.  There are quite a few fellow Baltimorieans who write about cooking food and I need to remind them once again "If you cook for me, I will write about it"

Rachael writes the blog called Coconut & Lime and also has a cookbook that just came out this past year called The Everything Healthy Slow Cooker Cookbook.  She always has some great and yummy sounding dishes and I happen to come across one that struck my interest to make- Fresh Blueberry Pulled Pork.  Now my favorite part of this meal was that it was one of those throw in the pot and forget about it meals!  The house smelled sooooo good as the day went on! So yes I cooked!

Now since we are on the subject of Blueberries another fellow Baltimore food blogger Beth, had another great recipe on her site 900 Square- Peach and Blueberry Cornmeal Crusted Cobbler.  I am a sucker for all things blueberry and peach!  It's a small world- Beth and I know some of the same people from the small town of Muncy, PA.

Now I wish Wendy a yet another fabulous food blog called The Upstart Kitchen needed to be around when Andy and I made our first attempt at fried flowers- we needed her Fiori di Zucca.  I met Wendy for the first time when we participated together at the Food Blogger Panel at Great Grapes Festival (read all about it).

Now another up and coming chef I can't wait to dine on her food in a restaurant is Jennifer at Savory Simple.  One of her latest mouth watering delights is the Basil Olive Oil Ice Cream- ok Jennifer what do I have to do to get you to make me some of this please (I got rid of my ice cream maker on one of Andy's clean sweeps of the house)??? 

So with all those yummy things what more can a Woman ask for?  Well maybe for them to cook for me and to share these photos...


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