Monday, August 16, 2010

And we are back...

Last week Andy and I went on our yearly August vacation.  This year we headed up to my parents place at the 1,000 Islands and enjoyed some time on the boat.  From there we then drove into Canada to Montreal and Quebec City.  We had a wonderful time and saw some great site and ate some YUMMY food.  Andy is currently working on the photos and pictures will be up sometime this week (I will let you know when they are).

So while on our trip I got to try out my Nook for the first time and I LOVE it!!!  No more carting around a pile of books on vacation!!! I finished up Nora Roberts Key Trilogy and started on For a Few Demons More (The Hollows, Book 5). Summer is my "candy reading" where I read books that aren't deep and are for pure selfish pleasure.

So this is my last week of freedom- back to work next week and then the 2010/2011 school year begins!  So this week I am going to get as much me time in as I can- I plan to hit up the spa, take in a movie and grab some lunch with some friends and what ever else falls on my plate.

Friday is also my next trip to the Doctor and I get to go over the results of the HSG and figure out what is next.  I have my mind set that if things didn't happen this month its time to head to the next step (since I have been on Clomid since December).

More and more people I know keep telling me there big news of the forth coming little one and all the baby shower invites I keep getting. I am sooo excited for them but honestly I am starting to wonder if my time will EVER come- I keep telling myself to be positive and that the sun will come out tomorrow- but I am starting to doubt it!  I am seriously trying not to think about and keep my spirits high.

Oh yeah and todays is the LAST day to enter to win FREE 5x7 flat stationery cards

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  1. ((((HUGS))))

    Praying for you Jess. I really am. I know how hard this is. And I still hate seeing the pregnancy announcements and I pretty much refuse to go to baby showers.


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