Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Went shopping again

So before we went on vacation I went shopping again- I have a thing for handmade jewelry right now.  This time I hit up the Etsy store of two people that I know and this is what I got...

My first stop was some Recycled & Upcycled handcrafted jewelry by B.B. Bellezza- I found a great pair of Upcycled Sunburst Washer Earrings with Lilac Beads.  I have already worn them once to a family function and have gotten tons of compliments on them.

Photo by: B.B. Bellezza

My next stop was to a fellow Baltimore Foodie and found a pair of Green Glass and Wood Earrings by theminx. I can't to wear these funky and elegant earrings

Photo by: theminx
I suggest that you stop both Etsy stores and take a gander- I am sure you will find something you just gotta have!!!


  1. I adore Etsy. I could spend all day just looking! I like your choices!

  2. Thanks for the mention, Jessica!


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