Monday, August 2, 2010

Just because I write about food doesn't mean I cook (or does it)

So honestly just because I write about food doesn't mean I cook, however, that doesn't mean I can't cook.  I just hate to personally do all the work and prep for something that is gone in the matter of minutes.  Yes I love to savor my food and experience it!  I know it doesn't make sense but hey does much ever make much sense?  I love to follow food bloggers, not just restaurant related but those who cook.  I always tell my friends here in Baltimore who blog about food "If you cook for me, I will write about it"- maybe I will find the next Top Chef!!!

So I have numerous food related blogs that I follow.  There are quite a few fellow Baltimorieans who write about cooking food and I need to remind them once again "If you cook for me, I will write about it"

Rachael writes the blog called Coconut & Lime and also has a cookbook that just came out this past year called The Everything Healthy Slow Cooker Cookbook.  She always has some great and yummy sounding dishes and I happen to come across one that struck my interest to make- Fresh Blueberry Pulled Pork.  Now my favorite part of this meal was that it was one of those throw in the pot and forget about it meals!  The house smelled sooooo good as the day went on! So yes I cooked!

Now since we are on the subject of Blueberries another fellow Baltimore food blogger Beth, had another great recipe on her site 900 Square- Peach and Blueberry Cornmeal Crusted Cobbler.  I am a sucker for all things blueberry and peach!  It's a small world- Beth and I know some of the same people from the small town of Muncy, PA.

Now I wish Wendy a yet another fabulous food blog called The Upstart Kitchen needed to be around when Andy and I made our first attempt at fried flowers- we needed her Fiori di Zucca.  I met Wendy for the first time when we participated together at the Food Blogger Panel at Great Grapes Festival (read all about it).

Now another up and coming chef I can't wait to dine on her food in a restaurant is Jennifer at Savory Simple.  One of her latest mouth watering delights is the Basil Olive Oil Ice Cream- ok Jennifer what do I have to do to get you to make me some of this please (I got rid of my ice cream maker on one of Andy's clean sweeps of the house)??? 

So with all those yummy things what more can a Woman ask for?  Well maybe for them to cook for me and to share these photos...

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  1. Hey Jessica! Thanks for thinking of me - we've been thinking of trying to have the Balto bloggers we met at the wine fest over to dinner. Let me come up with some dates!


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