Thursday, June 17, 2010

Busy Busy Bumble Bee

Well the last 2 weeks have been a bit crazy for me…

Had to have surgery on my mouth, my birthday came along and then back to the “baby doctor”.
Surgery went well and recovery was quick.  I went back to the dentist for a cleaning today and they found a stitch that they missed taking out last week so they had to poke around in there after my cleaning to get it out (hurt a little bit).

My birthday was nice- that Friday 12 of us went out to dinner at a new place in Baltimore called Miguel's Cocina y Cantina for margaritas and Mexican.

Monday I headed back to the doctor for another check up since the last visit.  This last month he had me track my BBT (Basal Body Temp).  He said it looked “textbook” which he explained was a good thing and that it looked like I ovulated.  He did another uterus ultrasound and said all looked good.  He proceeded to prescribe the 100 mg of Clomid again and sent me to get my progesterone levels checked again (yeah more blood work).  He then told me that if I don’t get my period within the next 5 days to take a pregnancy test- well it came so that’s a big negative that it happened last month!  So I think we are going to give it try another month and talk about the next steps and IVF.

An exciting note- the last day of school was yesterday and I have 2 days off before I start my summer job.  Today I took myself to get a massage.

Besides work and all these Doctors I have been busy with my food writing.  Last weekend I was invited to be part of a blogger panel at the Great Grapes festival.  I have also been a expert judge a few times a month at the Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament (Baltimore’s own version of Iron Chef America). You have to check out the videos and pictures from the tournament
Left to right Wendi, Wendy, Me, Liz and Dara

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  1. Hi Jessica! I was wondering how things went! You are so brave to share all of this. I hope that the clomid works this month. If not, I am happy to share more of my IVF stories with you! :-)
    I am hopin', wishin' and a prayin' for ya!


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