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Lemmo Twins Updates from the 1st week of life


Well we are proud to announce that the Lemmo Twins are here (a tad early).  I woke up to use the restroom at 5:30 this morning and when I was leaving the bathroom my water broke.  I had no contractions or pain.  We got to the hospital by 6 and as they were taking my vitals and checking me they discover that Baby A who was breech had his feet coming down the delivery canal - so the SWAT team of Labor/Delivery kicked in and off for a c section I went.  They had to completely knock me out because there was no time for any other forms of pain blocker to kick in.  Andy got to be in the room while they were born - both boys were out of me by 6:30 - so I think I had the easiest, quickest and painless delivery in the world.

Both boys are in the NICU and were under heat for part of the day.  Baby B had oxygen for a while but is off it.  Both boys were taken out of heat and placed in cribs.  However Baby B had to go back under heat and will be there all night.  Overall both are doing good.

I am here till Wednesday and we are not sure if they will get to go home with us on Wednesday or not


Hard to believe the boys are 2 days already!!!   Jacob and Caleb are progressing along.  They are both eating now and in fact Jacob did a  little breast feeding today.  Caleb is still having problem with eating and it take him a long time to eat as much as he needs to - he gets tired and falls asleep.  The nurses are a bit better with it than Andy and I.  He is always falling asleep with us.  BIG NEWS - they are both off the IVs.   We were there and there was talk of them coming off - we came back about a hour or so later and POOF they were gone.

Caleb is still in the incubator but they believe that he will be in a crib tomorrow.  Caleb still has a few times his heart rate drops and the alarm goes off but it pump right back up- he does it while in a deep sleep.  They said they may given him some caffeine and that will help.

There is talk that Jacob may go home with me on Wednesday but it isnt confirmed or anything.  They say at the most they think they will have to stay 2 weeks but that more for Caleb than Jacob.  They say for being 34 weeks they are doing good- they have seen worse.

Me- I am sore but slowly getting better.  I walked a lot today which helps from getting stiff but it makes my muscles sore.  Andy is surving - he has started feeding and changing diapers   LOL

Tomorrow we get to help with bath time!!!!!  I will say the boys being in the NICU has its pros and cons but you really get a lot of support and help from the nurses in there!  We can even get a free sleeping room up there when I am discharged but we only live 10 min away so we wont be staying in it.

Don't forget to check checking the picture album because I will being adding pictures through out the days etc.

Well today was a big day.... Jacob was released from the NICU!  He is now in my room for the night and gets to go home with me tomorrow!!!!!  He did his car seat test and passed with flying colors!  So now is when the surreal becomes real!!!

Caleb is still make baby steps towards progression but it is getting there.  The took him out of the incubator today and is now in a crib - holding his temp well.  However his feeding is not moving along as much as we hoped.  He now has a feeding tube.  They bottle feed him and encourage him to eat that way and get in as much as they can and whatever he doesnt finish gets pt in his feeding tube.  The main problem with his feeding is that he gets tired quickly and falls asleep so he cant use the bottle.  Sometimes he only takes in a little with the bottle and sometimes more.  He did however today pass his hearing test so that is a positive.  They are still thinking he will need a week or two in the NICU.

Jacob and myself will be going home tomorrow- Andy and I will be come over to the hospital every day until Caleb is released.  We just have to work out going since Jacob has to stay at home- thank goodness my mom is here for a while to help out with that.

Don't forget to check the photo album for pictures updates...

Well today was the day I got to go home with Jacob.  We didn't get home until about 6:00 pm.  GBMC was busy with babies the last days we were there.  Jacob did perfectly well in the car - in fact he slept all the way home.  Once home Jacob and Edgar met and so far so good - I don't think Edgar knows what to think of him yet.

The night started out rough once we went to bed getting Jacob to stay asleep and quiet.  I think he just needs to get adjusted to the new surroundings and so forth.  He finally went to sleep and stayed asleep around 1:00 (that is why I am writing this email in the middle of the night - its just about time to wake him up to feed).  Poor Edgar looked very frustrated with not being able to get to sleep soundly like normal with Jacob being fussy.

Yesterday Caleb had to go under the Bili Light for his jaundice.  His feeding had a few high moments when he took the entire bottle but then a few low moments.  You can compare being under the Bili Light to like being out in the sun ALL DAY and how it just in the makes you sleepy so he wasn't finishing them.  So just keep sending postive thoughts to Caleb so that we can bring him home soon.

Well Jacob's first full day home was a busy one!  Grandparents Laczkowski watched him so that Andy and I could go over to visit Caleb in the NICU.  Then Jacob had his first Pediatric appointment today.  He hadn't lost any more weight which is good- the Dr feels he is done with the loosing weight part (he was 4 lbs 15 oz both at discharge yesterday and today at Dr).  he is still a little yellow from the jaundice.  He is heading back next week for a weight check and progression check.

Caleb's bili levels went down since yesterday but they are still keeping him under the light.  He is still having issues with eating.  I feed him while there today and he didn't eat much from the bottle.

We made it through the night last night with some bumps along the way but survived.  Tonight should run more smoothly- fingers crossed.

Other than that not much else to report unless you want to know about diaper changes and spit up  LOL

We got some pictures today that I hope to get out to share either tonight or tomorrow- we may be moving picture over to ( we will let you know when and the login info to view them)

It was hard to believe that at 6:30 and 6:31 this morning the boys were a week old!!!!

Today was a busy day for Andy and I...

We went to visit Caleb and took his car seat in so he could do his car seat test because we were told Friday night he may come home Sunday.  Well it was confirmed today that he will be coming home Sunday.  I fed him today his bottle- his min amount is 30 and they put 35 in and I got him to eat it ALL!

After the NICU we ran around to walmart and costco looking for a few cheap preemie outfits for Caleb to wear and get some preemie diapers (the only size we did not have from Andy's Amazon escapade).

Jacob is doing well at home.  Between myself, Andy and my Mom he gets lots of love and care.  Andy and I are extremely thankful that my mother is able to be here because who knows how we would have been able to visit Caleb in the NICU if she wasn't (plus for all her other help).

We have no idea what time we get to take Caleb home - it all depends on his circumcision.  He was supposed to have it today but the Dr got busy with other delivers, etc.

One of my coworkers and her daughter came to visit today and brought us a freezer meal - THANK YOU Sandi!!!!

No new photos posted today but don't forget to check every few days

It was a LONG LONG LONG day of waiting to bring Caleb home - the hospital has been so busy with deliveries that getting the Dr to Caleb took all day!  So at last we were told we could come  to pick him up - which was way later than expected but we got home by 9:30 pm.  Couldn't get pictures on Caleb in the car riding home because it was dark and the flash always disturbs them (next time he is him his seat I will get one)

Jacob did his first video interview today with his Grandfather Jim, his GREAT Grandfather and his Great Uncle (gotta love Skype!).  Jacob had his first experience of Baltimore heat and humidity - and its just gonna be worse tomorrow and Tuesday because there is a heat advisory.

So hopefully we survive night one of have both boys home!  Finally the family is complete and we are all under the same roof!

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