Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Twins are 4 weeks old!

Time has flown by - I can't believe 4 weeks ago today my water broke and the boys arrives at 34 weeks!  We made it through a C-section, NICU and all!  A blessing no matter how many ups and downs it has!

I may lack in the sleep department and I may gets frazzled and stressed but I am doing my best to give it all I got and not let it get the best of me.  Yes two babies is a hand full and if you have only been one baby you could never understand how dealing with two babies is!

Support from family and friends is the best gift ever - even when I say there is nothing you can do (just find something around the house that needs done - unload dishwasher, throw in a load of wash or you can even give the gift of a meal which takes a HUGE load off)!

So a typical day with the Twins...

  • 6 am: feed and change - then I/we try to go back to sleep
  • 9 am: feed and change - up and gotta go wash bottles
  • 12 pm:  feed and change - find something for myself to eat
  • 3 pm:  feed and change - think about dinner that we need to eat between 4-5
  • 6 pm:  feed and change - wash more bottles and get 8 bottles together for the night time feedings
  • 9 pm:  feed and change - we turn the lights out ASAP and go to bed ourselves
  • 12 am:  feed and change - hope they go to sleep right away so that we can
  • 3 am:  feed and change - what time is it? Everything is blurring together
  • 6 am : start all over again

So I started to think about (or as much as my brain would allow)...
  • We use at least 16 diapers a day
  • Dirty 16 bottles in 24 hours
  • I pump 16 times a day for 10-30 mins
  • During the night I sleep in 1-2 hour stints
  • Run the dishwasher 2-4 times a day with bottles in it and sometimes nothing else
  • Was at least one load a wash a day
  • Fill the diaper pail up in about 1.5 days maybe 2 days
  • Drink enough water that I seriously think I will burst or float away
  • Shower when I can (which is not every day)
  • Live in my PJs if I am not leaving the house
  • Sometimes forget what day it is
  • Welcome visitors who are willing to help!
  • Wish I won the lottery so I could have a personal chef and house cleaner
  • Find that the internet is my sense of sanity
But in all reality - I am doing it and surviving!!!!!  Wouldn't give them back or change a thing!

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