Monday, January 17, 2011

Running and jumping, skipping and spinning- the Twins are on the go!

Just got home from the Doctor with nothing but As on my report card!  The Twins were SUPER active to the point it was hard to get a good listen to the heart beats (The Dr even asked if I felt movement yet).  The Dr and I were laughing because they kept moving every time he found the heart beats.

All the blood work I had last week came back perfect- levels and all.  My blood pressure was fine.  I gain 6 lbs since the last visit four weeks ago.

One crazy thing that happened was that the Dr I saw today told me I would be put on bed rest around week 28.  Which is a month sooner than I had planned- so we will see :/

The next Dr visit is on Valentine's Day- maybe I get get the Hubby to take me to dinner after wards!

January 24th we head for the ultrasound and hope to learn the sexes (if the Twins are cooperating).  I was told this appoint will 45 min - 1 hour (if not more, depending on the babies).  They will measure all sorts of things on each baby.

Also besides getting updates here you can also visit the official Babies Lemmo Website

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