Sunday, January 30, 2011

So now what?

Well Baltimore finally saw some snow this last week and I ended up with 3 snow days- the kids lucked out because Monday and Tuesday were PD days so they didn't have school at all last week.  Love me some snow days but this year I hate them because since we make them up at the end of the school year that means extra sicks days will be used since I am not going back to work after Spring Break/Easter according to the Doctor.

I am starting to look forward to Spring for a few reasons, however, the main reason right now is because of my winter coat.  These twins are growing, which means so is my tummy and in turn means my winter coat is getting tight and soon won't be able to zipper shut!  So now what????  I am not buying another coat to get me through the rest of the winter!

We have started our registries and let me just say- its a bit over whelming picking out all those things!  Know which one is better than the other- grrrrr.  It is also making it hard do to the fact we don't know what Baby A is yet (in case you missed it Baby B is a boy).  I need to use a checklist and start making what we picked out so far and what else we need.  If anybody who has had a baby recently wants to go with me next time to give some advice you are more than welcome!!!  When we went this weekend the Husband kept asking if we could scan Blu Rays, etc on to it  LOL

As for the nursery- we haven't gotten much of anywhere yet and I really want to get going and least switch the rooms around and paint.  Well things will all fall into place so no need to get worked up over it.

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