Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ok weather make up your mind

Like I have said in the past I like Autumn.  However, one thing that drive me crazy during this time of year is that the weather can't make up its mind with the temperature.  One day its hot enough to turn on the AC and then the next day its chilly.

So this weekend was  ME weekend.  The Hubby was out of time to go to the PSU game and find the elk.  I spent some time with a few friends and enjoyed some cheese fondue.  Got some errands done and just relaxed.  Its crazy at night though- we have a king size bed and I still found myself sleeping on the edge like I was being pushed over.  The dog and I only took up about 1.3 of the bed I swear.

Oh Yeah- Happy Halloween.  I carved a pumpkin a week ago with some friends however my pumpkin didn't last- due to the warm weather I think. I never even got to put a candle in it :(

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