Sunday, October 17, 2010

The fresh crisp air

One thing I love about the change of the season is that in Fall the temperature is comfy and offers a fresh crisp air to enjoy yourself in.  I love being about to sit outside while enjoying a flatbread with apples and prosciutto and at Alexander's Tavern not sweating to death with a good friend.  I love being able to watch my Husband do what he enjoys best- taking pictures (it is Bald Eagle season).  I love that my BGE bill has dropped at least $80 because the AC isn't running nonstop.  I love breaking out the cute boots I couldn't wear all summer long with out my feet feeling like they were baking to a crisp.  I love the crisp apples and all the things that comes along with them- too bad I can't drink the hard cider.  I love the peacefulness of the leaves changing colors (even though we had to miss our trip to Shenandoah Valley doe to my IVF egg retrieval.

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