Monday, May 31, 2010

A weekend getaway

I have had a lot on my mind lately... between all things baby, the drama with finding out I have TMJ and also need to have surgery on mouth this next week- I need a break!

Oh yeah the surgery- I have to have a wisdom tooth taken out but they have discovered the root is up in the sinus cavity so when they remove the tooth they have to do a skin graph from my check to plug the hole up into my sinus cavity so it doesn't drain into my mouth.  And yes now that I have TMJ I have to wear a "super sexy" mouth guard when I sleep (I asked if I could get a glow in the dark one but they said no while laughing)- waiting for to come in since they took impressions of my mouth. Spent 2 whole days at doctors offices dealing with my mouth.  Surgery is on June 3rd.

So on a spur of the moment idea about 2 weeks back my Husband suggest we head down to the Outer Banks in NC for the long 3 day weekend of Memorial Day. BINGO- just what I needed!

We had a relaxing time hitting up the beach and play tourist.  We drove down Friday last afternoon and grabbed some dinner after checking in to our hotel.  Saturday the weather started out gloomy so we jumped in the car and started driving the whole way down to Hateras from Nags Head and then took the ferry to Ocracoke Island. Ocracoke Island was our favorite place, not many people, miles and miles of beach.  We fell in love with Ocracoke we are thinking of renting a house for a whole week next summer.

Sunday we decided to just hit the beach at our hotel in Kill Devil Hills.  It had a bit more people but the beach was nice and clean.  We saw about 20 dolphins not so far off the coast and about 100 brown pelican's fishing 50 yards in front of us.  After hitting the beach Sunday we headed over to the Wright Brothers National Memorial and then over to lost Roanoke Colony and the Elizabethan Gardens. Then he took me to the Coach outlet (like I need another Coach purse but he wanted to take me).  I hit it big there because they were having their 50% clearance plus gave me a coupon for an additional 20% (Originally $298.99, on Sale for $289.99, got it for around $115).

Now I discovered my husband notices things when we are public- I always seem to run into pregnant women no matter where we go- well now he notices it and we sort of make a game out of it (How many preggo ladies did you see in the store, etc?).  You have to laugh about things in life or seriously life will just pull you down. (I go back to the "baby doctor" on the 15th of June)

Click here to see more pictures from our trip

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