Monday, February 28, 2011

$25 for $50 of Baby Gear at Babies 1st in Columbia

"As parents you're expected to perform a variety of unsavory tasks: wiping poopy bottoms, cleaning up projectile vomit, paying for college. We know, you'd do anything for your kids, but sometimes even the most dedicated 'rents need a little help, which is why we've conjured up today's deal from Babies 1st. Today you can combine your needinesses into one, with $50 worth of merchandise for $25. From strollers to car seats to breast pumps, Babies 1st has all the goods you'll need to steer your kids through baby and toddlerhood. Remember: The finger paint on the living room wall was done out of love. Show the kids (and your wallet) you love them back by jumping on today's deal."

Click here to get this deal

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