Sunday, February 27, 2011

22 weeks in and time is flying by

It is hard to believe I am 22 weeks into this pregnancy!  We know now that BOTH the babies are BOYS!  The Husband keeps going on about how the house will be full of boys and I will be out numbered (yes he is counting the dog in that one). I keep being told that boys love their mommies so at least I have that going for me!

Oh Yeah- I feel like there is some sort of gymnastic floor competition going on inside me now!  There babies sure do move A LOT!

We have been trying to get our registries finished and in order because our first shower is a week away- Ahhhhhh!  I just have to say I have to love my family (My side and his) because they are all helping us out and putting together showers for us.  I have to give my Mom some love and props because essentially she is putting 2 of them together for me (one is a celebration and the other she is helping my Aunt out who live in Portland, OR and is having my Baltimore one for me).  I also have to give my mother credit because she HAND MADE me 125 thank you notes and they are soooooo cute!

Yesterday we drove about 40 minutes away to another baby store to pick out a glider.  We have a Babies R Us here up the street but it just turned into a combined Babies R Us/Toys R Us so the baby part isn't as big- we we drove to just a Babies R Us.  Well while there I happened to run into 2 other woman who have twins that are under a year old.  Well they started talking and I started listening to their advice and stories!  Needless to say I got a little scared!

The one thing they both were going on about was sleeping and how they do it.  The one couple sleeps in different rooms of the house each taking one baby so neither have to handle both babies in the night.  The other couple does shifts.  One person sleeps in the bedroom till about around 2 am and then gets up and goes downstairs and takes over while the other one gets to go sleep upstairs.  Oh boy!

Things are really going to start sinking in and feeling real soon because not only of the showers but we will be going to get the cribs, and getting the nursery painted, etc.

Oh if you want to help me out because you have twins or have experience with a baby- check out my registries and let me know if I am missing anything or have stuff I don't need on there:

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