Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to school in more ways than one

Well this week was the 1st week of school with the kiddos- so far not so bad. 

The one thing that is kinda got me thrown for a loop is that I am running a Spanish class for the 7th and 8th grade.  Now I only know some BASIC simple Spanish and I took French for 5 years- but the program is just to expose them to it.  Its a DVD based program and I have yet to see it and I meet with the 7th and 8th grade class tomorrow. I got a Spanish word set that has pictures and started labeling thing around the room.  I am keeping a positive attitude about it and look forward to learn along with the kids.

I also had to attend an IVF class.  The class was taught by one of the nurses at the place I go to.  It ended up being myself and another woman.  She went over step by step for each day of the cycle and all over the details of the IVF cycle.  We even had to practice the different types of shots that we will have to give ourselves (no we did not shoot ourselves up).  They explained the progression step by step.  Basically for a period of time I will be going in before work about every other day or so to get measured and have some blood tests done.  Then once things are the correct measurement I will be knocked out to have the eggs retrieved with a VERY long needle.  Then after few days past and then I go back in to have 2-3 embryos placed back into and then have to be on bed rest for the rest of that day.  Then come back after a time period for a series of days to take 3 blood pregnancy tests.  There are much more details but this post would be a mile long.

Just keep me in your thoughts and prayers that when we start IVF this next cycle it works the FIRST TIME!

I also have been doing some research about things to do while the baby is in the womb since I am a firm believer in reading to the baby while in the womb and playing music to them also.  I came across the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System and became very intrigued by it and how it is a set of sound lessons meant to be played for a prenatal child which are said to strengthen earliest learning capabilities. It claims that infants are born more alert and responsive, nurse better, sleep better, and later in life, enjoy improved school readiness. What do you think?  I also came across a CD that might be useful called Mozart for Mothers-to-be: Tender Lullabies for Mother and Child and Beethoven for Babies: Brain Training for Little Ones

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