Saturday, June 7, 2014

Its been a LONG LONG LONG time

Its been a VERY VERY LONG LONG time since I posted to this blog!  I started to help me deal with not being able to get pregnant and everyone and their brother around me telling me they were expect. I then used it to cope with the IVF process and then the birth of my twin boys!

After reading some posts from a friend and her blog at "No Pants, No Problems" I was sparked to check in per say! (I am still writing my restaurant/food related blogs just now lie I used to)

Well those said twin boys are now 3 and let me just say this...   they are for sure BOYS and I am surprised I don't have any grey hair yet!!!!!!!

My professional life has change a bit and I have transfer school for this past school year (6 days left!!!!) and I am loving Monarch Academy.   Yes we have around 1,000 students (k-6th grade and next year up to 7th grade) and more staff than one can count but I am free to be me and work with the kids and I am excited for what I am planning to do next year.  My library and computer lab (yes my own lab) takes up half of the 3rd floor (picture a 3 tier cake just the tiers aren't centered).  I may not have that many books and a true library set up still but we make the best of what we have and the students did some great projects this year in the computer lab!!!!

My husband and I are celebrating out 11th year of marriage in about a month and I celebrate my 36th birthday in a few days.  Turning 30 didn't bother me nor did turning 35 but 36 is actually hit me!  Age has never bothered me and turning 36 isn't I am just realizing that I am almost 40!!!!

Life is keeping me busy but I am always making sure to find love & laughter in it!!!

Check out photos from the twins turning 3!

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