Monday, June 16, 2014

Another one for the books

Today was the last school day for the students of Baltimore City schools - Teachers have another day tomorrow.  This is the inclusion of chapter number 12 of my teaching career and I must say the best one yet!!!

This past year I took another leap of faith and transferred schools for a second time here in Baltimore.    The spark of interest came from a family who was wonderful and left the school I was teaching and recommend that I check this school out as it seemed to be a good fit for me!  Well I must say I am glad I did!!!  So after completing my first year at Monarch Academy Public Charter (Baltimore Campus) I must say I enjoyed the year.  Yes the school has about 1,000 students and went through growing pains as it moved into its perm unit residence (an old Coke Cola bottling factory) but the students, believes and staff have made it wonderful!  The achievements of this school & students are amazing and the respect and encouragement from my principal and administrative team are wonderful!

Speaking of chapters of life I have started using this new app called Time Hop.  Heard of it?  If not be  sure to check it out.  Basically the app scans your phone, twitter, photos, etc and creates a time capsule of you.  You get photos and updates from this exact day in history from 1 year, 2 years, 3 yrs ago, etc.  I love checking out each morning from the years past!

I have a busy life juggling family, kids, work, blogging etc and always look for fun things to give me a boost of sanity!  As I scanning my instagram I came across a fellow teacher #SLANTbox and I am thinking about signing up for this next month.  What do you think (check it out)???

School is out for summer!!!

Hard to believe the twins are 3!!!

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