Saturday, August 9, 2014

5 minutes in the life of potty training twins

Potty training 3 year old twins - if there was someone who would come do it for me I would be grateful!

One is into going potty like a big boy and the other one really I think could care less.

We have tried candy, treats and a sticker chart plus do a potty dance!

I can give you a glimpse of potty training twin boys in just a 5 minutes window:

Both boys are in underwear and we keep asking them if they need to go potty and if they go potty they get a sticker.  I head into the kitchen for not even 2 minutes and the twin who is decent with going potty colors all over himself with marker - head to toe!!!! So luckily my husband was in the shower so I tossed him in with him.  I come back downstairs after only being gone a minute (if that) and the other twin has stood up of the sofa and looks at me and says he has to pee - I look down and he has already peed all over his legs and the floor!

That's all within in 5 minutes or less and we are now on a 3rd pair of underwear and its not even 9 am yet!  No wait 4th pair because the one who got a shower refuse to put his back on because they were "dirty"!!!

I would love to know what other incentives others have used.  We have tried candy (but they ask for other times also), we are now on a sticker chart, and I am also getting dollar store toys to wrap so they can unwrap if they fill the days worth of stickers or make a "stinky".

The Pulls Ups website has some great resources!  i downloaded all the Potty Dance songs and we pick one each time to do when he does it!  I also downloaded the app that has a timer, etc to help with reminding him to go.  They have some other stuff to that we haven't used to just but plan on it.  They have Potty Chart that you can add their name to , but it has other areas to earn stickers that I don't want to work about just yet.

I downloaded this sticker chart (it doesn't have a name on it)

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