Thursday, February 9, 2012

The last 8 months with twins- what has life been like?

I have not had much time to write on this blog as I used to.  So how has life been now that I have 8 month old twins? Drastically different! But I wouldn't have it any other way!

We have our ups and downs but we are doing great (well at least I think so!).

One of the hardest parts is not having family right here town with us!  Those people who have family within in a few minutes drive may not know how lucky they are!  When you need a break or to run out to get something they are there to help.  For us one of us has to stay home, find a babysitter or hope for a day off and daycare is open.  I am thankful for those times when parents come to visit and we can go grab an adult dinner or something.  In fact my parents are coming down President's Weekend and we are going away for a night - yes a night away (I am EXCITED yet nervous in a sense to leave them for a night).  My Mom has taken care of J for 48 hrs on her when C was hospitalized in December - but she had one and we had one.  This time my parents will have both and we will have none.  I am not nervous about my parents taking care of them just it will be our 1st time away over night without them both!!

Another thing is those who DO NOT have twins don't understand or get it - 2 babies is a lot different then having 1.  I have had NUMEROUS conversations with people who give me looks when I talk about schedules, waking sleeping babies, etc.  If one baby gets wakes up at 6 am and wants to eat and the other is still asleep they both be up and eating - other wise I will be feeding and changing diapers nonstop all day if they are are different schedules.  Going out with two babies requires a bit more planning.  Plus they don't make diaper bags big enough for twins!!!

The boys are doing great!  We are a bit delayed in certain areas but we are progressing- which is expected since they were 6 weeks early.

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