Sunday, March 20, 2011

6 months and feeling it

It is hard to believe I am 6 months already- and trust me I am feeling it!  By the time 3:40 rolls around at work I am ready to pass out for a 5 hour nap.  The poor students have been getting the short of the stick because I get cranky quickly!  My saving gace right now is that my stop work date is quickly approaching!  They told me it wasn't bed rest just that with multiples and my job I need to be off my feet and no stress.  My feet and back aren't killing me but my calves are!  I try to stretch in my sleep or when I wake and I end up giving myself a charlie horse.

I was told I was blossoming on Friday at work!  Oh boy!  Not only that but my Husband's favorite questions these days starts with "When your belly gets EVEN BIGGER how are you going to....?" He knows the way to a woman's heart! 

Something I have noticed while shopping for baby clothes is that you can find all these cute summer girl clothes but the same old stuff for boys- just a different color or print on it. Also am I nuts or what because there seem to be a lot of long pants and heavy clothing with the summer stuff.  Where are the cute little shorts outfits, etc?

After 3 tries of the 1st ultrasound they finally got all the measurements.  They ended up sending to a new place for the 3rd time where all they do is baby testing etc.  I swear the room they put in there is like a suite at a 5-star hotel.  Flat screen TV on the wall so everyone in the room can see the ultrasound.

However, they did find that baby A has a enlarged blood vessel around the belly button area.  They explained how if the blood flow in that area was low it could cause a blood clot.  Luckily they said the blood flow is great so it is nothing to worry about and they will just keep an eye on it.  Everything else looks perfect!

The boys move like they are at a rave in there sometimes.  The movement now sometimes even hurts and is uncomfortable!  The Husband gets freaked out every time he feels it and when you see my belly jump.  I had the remote laying across my belly last night and it look like it had jumping beans in it!

I really need to post a picture of the nursery closet to show you the diapers- My Husband is the BEST bargain shopper ever!  He has now moved on from diapers to toys!  The Twins are going to be sooo spoiled by their Daddy (yet I am not allow to buy clothes for them LOL).

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